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Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper contain strong energy from the earth, volcano is the place where they were born. The gemstone is a combination of anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic, and other elements. Each pattern of the Bumble Bee is unique and there is no repetition exited, which makes the stone a lovely collection in any jewelry setting.The special feature of [...]

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Best Grade Amethyst Stalactites in Store

Our most top grade Amethyst Stalactites finally back in the store! It's the hardest gemstone we try to import, it's limited quantity only. If you miss this time it might need to wait another 3-4 months, hurry and get it now! Stalactites are formed at the roof of a cave and begin with one drop of [...]

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Hidden Treasure From Uruguay :: Amethyst Druzy

Hidden Treasure From Uruguay :: Amethyst DruzyAt the beginning, miners were divided into small groups, each of them with a long piece of iron thrust to the ground, so when they heard some crystal noise, they started to dig in that place. They used to make big holes about 3 meters wide, and 3 or [...]

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Labradorite Collection

Top grade Labradorite in our storeLabradorite is mined from earth in the south of Madagascar where the gemstone has one of the best quality in the world. Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family and is tresured from its remarkable play of color. The stone, usually present in various colors including gray-green, gray, black, blues [...]

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Rich Pale Blue Owyhee Opal Jewelry

Your best Owyhee Blue Opal in store! Owyhee Blue Opal (OH-WAH-hee) is rich pale blue form of common Opal recently discovered near the sacred Indian springs at Owyhee, Oregon in the United States of America. It often changes from transparent blue to opaque blue on exposure to air as the water contect evaporates.

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Dominican Republic Larimar

Top graded Dominican Republic Larimar in store.Larimar is a beautiful turquoise blue colored precious stone found in no other country in the world. It is mined only in the Dominican Republic by a single mine in the world, in Los Chupaderos, about 10 kilometers southwest of the city of Barahona, in the south-western region of [...]

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New Year Sale Super Save Continue On...

A fresh new year is once again upon us. We thank you for your continuous support in the past year and to take stock of all our achievements. 2018 is going to be a brand new start of a 365 page book, to start fresh, to start strong, to do everything we want [...]

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Meteorite Campo Del Cielo

The best grade Meteorite Campo Del Cielo jewelry in store...The first record of the Campo was in 1576. A Spanish governor learned of the iron from the Indians who reportedly believed that it had fallen from heaven. The next record of Campo Del Cielo meteorites was about 200 years later in the late 1770s. The [...]

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Christmas Sale Super Sale Starts Now...

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas...Our super sale for holiday 50% off entire store & extra 20% off starts now... use code (merrychristmas). Hurry and take action now, it expires in 3 days.

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Best of Dendritic Opal Jewelry

The best of Dendritic Opal jewelry in store...Dendritic Opal is a form of common Opal that has dark dendritic, tubular or orbicular markings within the base Opal, which can be composed of Manganese, the dendrites (plumes) often appear to be shaped like mosses, ferns or trees.

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